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• The article talks about the impact of coronavirus on the lives of citizens in India.
• It highlights how people are struggling to cope with the effects of the pandemic and the lockdown imposed by the government.
• It also discusses how people have come up with creative ways to survive in these difficult times.

Impact of Coronavirus in India

The outbreak of novel coronavirus has posed a major challenge to India, both economically and socially. The virus has led to massive disruption in daily life, as people grapple with job losses, pay cuts, health worries and other hardships caused by the pandemic and subsequent lockdown.

Economic Impact

The economic impact of COVID-19 has been severe, with millions losing their jobs or facing pay cuts due to lockdowns. A Reserve Bank of India report showed that more than 36 million workers lost their jobs between April and August 2020 due to the pandemic-induced lockdown. This has affected not only those employed in urban areas but also those living in rural areas who depend on daily wages for their livelihoods. In addition, businesses have taken a hit due to reduced demand for goods and services resulting from decreased consumer spending power during this period.

Social Impact

The social impact of COVID-19 is far reaching as well. There is an increased sense of fear among people as they try to protect themselves from possible infection while still attempting to go about their daily lives. Additionally, there is a heightened sense of anxiety as people worry about their financial security or inability to meet basic needs such as food and shelter for their families during these uncertain times. Moreover, there is also an increase in cases related to mental health issues such as depression due to prolonged isolation from family and friends or loss of loved ones due to COVID-19 related deaths.

Innovative Solutions

Despite all these challenges, many Indians have come up with innovative solutions that help them cope with the situation at hand while still ensuring that they can provide for themselves and their families financially. People are relying more on digital platforms such as e-commerce websites or online streaming services which provide them with access to goods and services at lower costs than traditional retail outlets or entertainment centers respectively. Furthermore, individuals are actively looking for opportunities online through freelance work or virtual internships which enable them earn money without having step out their homes during this period when movement restrictions are still being enforced across most parts of India’s states and Union Territories (UT).


Overall it can be seen that COVID-19 has had a significant impact on Indian society both economically and socially though some innovative solutions have been found by individuals that allow them continue earning despite stay at home orders being enforced across much country’s states/UTs.