Conquering space, Bitcoin and more: Infinite Fleet, the future of blockbuster video games?

22. Januar 2021

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Infiinite Fleet is about to reshuffle the cards of intergalactic conquest. After a long time talking about the synergy between blockchain technology and video games, here is the perfect illustration of a revolution in progress.

This promotional item is brought to you in collaboration with Infinite Fleet.

Join the ranks of the USF
Infinite Fleet is a real-time strategy game that Crypto Trader scam takes place in the far reaches of the universe. Massively multi-player, the development team has opted for a graphic style based on the manga codes, and promises players a unique experience.

Developed by the Pixelmatic studio, the team brings together the finest protagonists who have made Age of Empires 4, Homeworld, Company of Heroes and Dawn of War a success. With Samson Mow at the helm, blockchain technology is at the heart of this new concept and explores as yet unsuspected possibilities.

You will play the role of the Commander of the United Sol Federation, and will lead a fleet whose sole purpose is to save mankind… just that! Projected into the 22nd century, your goal will be to eradicate the aliens of Atrox, who threaten our species with extinction.

You will have at your disposal a fleet of flying fortresses that you will have to evolve through planetary exploration and looting. Strategic alliances with other players will be essential to defeat the warring parties and regain control of the galaxy.

The collection of resources takes on a whole new dimension here. In contrast to current MMOs, you will be equipped with a native token, which you can extract from the game and keep in your own online wallet. This token can be redeemed for cash in a dedicated marketplace, and will allow even the most dedicated players to speed up the improvement of their fleet.

Two tokens to reign supreme
The ecosystem imagined by the creators of Infinite Fleet is based on two distinct tokens. Previously mentioned, the INF token represents the official currency of the game. It will allow the acquisition and exchange of virtual objects with users from all over the world.

Unlike traditional games and their now archaic exchange systems, the INF is a cryptomonnaie. As such, it will truly belong to the players, who will be able to enjoy total flexibility. Exchanging for various digital assets, improving items, the boundary between virtual and real has never been so tangible.

A second token is of crucial importance here. Named EXO, it will be issued through an STO (Security Token Offering), and represents part of the capital of Exordium Limited (Pixelmatic’s parent company). This company is not limited to Infinite Fleet. It aims to become the equivalent of the Steam platform for games based on Blockchain technology.

Already validated by the European Commission, currently being registered with the SEC (USA) and the CSSF in Luxembourg, this token will allow you to own a fraction of the company. 20% of the profits will then be paid to you at the end of each year. You can now participate in this STO, contribute to the development of the phenomenon game of the year, and become one of the first investors in a future major video game platform.

Indeed, after having raised 2.5 million private funds, Samson Mow and the Pixelmatic team are this time calling on future gamers to support the development needs. This second round of financing of $5 million will take place over 50 days and will allow you to join renowned investors such as Charlie Lee (creator of Litecoin), Adam Back (CEO of Blockstream, consulted by Satoshi Nakamoto during the creation of Bitcoin) and Max Keiser.

The EXO token will be issued on the Bitcoin-backed Liquid network, and is available for sale for the sum of USD 50cts, and can be purchased using Euros, Bitcoin, Tether and Liquid Bitcoin. The minimum investment is $100.

It only takes one click to share a galactic adventure out of the ordinary. Much more than a video game, a new ecosystem is available to you, with the possibility of being a full shareholder of Exordium Limited.

Neue Zeitleiste zeigt den Preis von Bitcoin neben historischen Ereignissen des letzten Jahrzehnts

20. Januar 2021

Haben sich wichtige Ereignisse in der Geschichte von Bitcoin auf den Preis ausgewirkt?

Bitcoin ( BTC ) hat seit seiner Gründung im Jahr 2009 einen ereignisreichen Weg zurückgelegt hat kürzlich ein BTC-Diagramm vorgestellt, das wichtige Ereignisse in der Geschichte des digitalen Assets sowie den sich ständig ändernden Preis der Kryptowährung zeigt.

Das am Dienstag veröffentlichte Diagramm zeigt potenziell bedeutende Ereignisse auf dem Preispfad von Bitcoin auf und zeigt eine „konsolidierte Geschichte von Bitcoin, die den De-facto-Krypto-Diagrammen (von TradingView) überlagert ist“, sagte der General Manager der Plattform, Pierce Crosby, gegenüber Cointelegraph.

Das Team von TradingView beabsichtigt, das Diagramm alle 14 Tage zu aktualisieren. Wenn jedoch wichtige Nachrichten veröffentlicht werden, wird das Team die Metriken früher anpassen. Wenn Sie auf verschiedene Blasen im Diagramm klicken, wird jedes Ereignis erklärt. Die Site listet auch Ereignisse in blogähnlicher Form unterhalb des Diagramms auf.

Crosby sagte:

„TradingView Timelines waren ein einzigartiges Unterfangen unseres zentralen Visualisierungsteams und zeigen uns, wie wichtig es ist, ‚Nachrichten in den Kontext‘ zu setzen (das entsprechende Diagramm). Wir erwarten, dass diese Logik in den kommenden Jahren viel mehr zum Mainstream wird, um die Relevanz von a zu beweisen Dies ist nur der erste Schritt. “

Der digitale Vermögenswert, der in den frühesten Tagen weniger als 1 US-Dollar wert war, stieg 2021 auf über 40.000 US-Dollar. Auf diesem Preisweg ereigneten sich viele wichtige Ereignisse, wie z . Gox Tortur .

„Unsere ersten Beobachtungen zeigen die unmittelbaren Auswirkungen historischer Ereignisse auf den Preis des Vermögenswerts“, sagte Crosby. Die BTC-Zeitleiste zeigt eine Flut von Ereignissen, obwohl sich die jüngsten Schlagzeilen auf die zahlreichen Preishürden konzentrieren, die der Vermögenswert durchbricht.

„Wenn man sich einige der frühen historischen Ereignisse ansieht, werden sie von der Preisbewegung in den Jahren 2015 bis 2017 in den Schatten gestellt. Dies war der erste Zeitraum, in dem aktuelle Ereignisse die allgemeine Vorstellungskraft der Anleger erregten“, stellte Crosby in der Grafik fest.

Eine solche Zeitleiste bietet ein Tool für Diskussionen über den Preis von Bitcoin, da es sich um Ereignisse und möglicherweise korrelierte Reaktionen handelt. „Wenn man nur die Preisbewegungen von BTC auf dem Markt betrachtet, kann man unvollständig erkennen, warum der Preis auf scheinbar volatile Weise so schwankt wie er“, sagte Crosby und fügte hinzu:

„Timelines ist die erste umfassende Quelle, die Kursbewegungen zusammen mit entsprechenden realen Ereignissen teilt, sodass Anleger verstehen können, warum es bestimmte Spitzen oder Einbrüche gibt, um sie für die Zukunft zu informieren und ihnen ein tieferes Verständnis für den Vermögenswert zu vermitteln, mit dem sie handeln . „

Bitcoin had a valuation above 300% in 2020, reaching US$ 29 thousand.

2. Januar 2021

A luxury car dealership in Las Vegas reported a growth in sales with payment at Bitcoin.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Vegas Auto Gallery has become a playground for Bitcoin wealthy investors.

The dealership sells Ferraris, Lamborghines and other luxury cars of the Aston Martin and Bentleу brands. Just in the last days it sold two sports cars to customers who paid over US$ 6 million in Bitcoin.

The owner of the dealership has revealed that sales with Bitcoin represent from 3% to 5% of the company’s revenue.

The payment can be made through the platform BitPaу, which converts the digital currency into dollars at the time of payment. The platform receives a commission for sales.

Despite constant criticism of Bitcoin as a form of payment, BitPaу serves hundreds of thousands of merchants around the world, offering bitcoin holders many ways to spend digital currency.

According to WSJ, the dealership takes no risk when accepting Bitcoin as payment. The owner of the dealership said he receives the payment for the luxury cars within 24 hours after the customer sends the coins to BitPay.

„It is a very easy transaction,“ he said.

The buyer can also increase the transaction priority to be confirmed on the network as soon as possible, just set the fee, paying more or less according to the hurry.

Several market enthusiasts like to keep the currency waiting for more and more valuation, but who is spending the cryptomime can be easily understood since this year the Bitcoin had valuation above 300%, even being traded above $ 29 thousand.

People who bought the digital currency recently may not want to spend the asset, after all, why spend something that can, potentially value in the future?

Current buyers, therefore, are people who invested in Bitcoin longer ago and are now enjoying the profits.

Their logic is simple, „if I bought Bitcoin for $1,000 and today it’s $29,000, I can think that this is a cool way to diversify. The adoption of currency as a form of payment should also come from the people who own the cryptomime.

There aren’t many big companies that accept the digital asset yet, but this is about to change next year, as Paypal will allow its more than 300 million merchants around the world to accept the currency.

Digital currency still has challenges to solve when it comes to smaller transactions, like buying a coffee in a restaurant, but startups like Bitpay are finding ways to solve this through application.