Ethereum Co-Founder: Crypto Ecosystem Never Been Better or Stronger

28. März 2023

Ethereum Co-Founder Optimistic About Crypto Ecosystem

• Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin says the strength of the crypto ecosystem “has never been better or stronger.”
• He believes more clarity from regulators would be helpful for the industry.
• He discussed the state of the crypto ecosystem, regulation, and whether ether (ETH) is a security in an interview with CNBC.

Strength of Crypto Ecosystem

Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin believes that the strength of the crypto ecosystem “has never been better or stronger” due to increasing growth in conferences, development and use cases. He noted that bitcoin is seen as sound money while ether is seen as ultrasound money. The rising prices of both cryptocurrencies have also been attributed to increased anticipation that interest rates will rise less aggressively in the future.

Regulation and Enforcement Actions

Lubin argued that more clarity from regulators would be beneficial for the industry, noting that it has suffered by having two major factions lumped into one: money-crypto and tech-crypto factions. He stated that money cryptos should be regulated while tech cryptos are just technologists building infrastructure for traditional and decentralized economies. In addition, he commented on aggressive enforcement actions by the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Is Ether a Security?

Lubin did not directly answer whether ether (ETH) is a security but instead spoke about how it does not fit into any existing asset class classification system as it provides utility beyond financial gain which makes it difficult to classify under securities laws.


Overall, Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin states that cryptocurrency has grown significantly over recent years with more developers joining its network, leading him to believe that its strength has never been better or stronger than it currently is. While he acknowledges some headwinds in terms of banking issues and regulations, he calls for more clarity from regulators so they can distinguish between money crypto and tech crypto factions in order to establish proper regulations for each respectably.

Get Randomness on Your Blockchain Project with Binance Oracle VRF!

22. März 2023

• Binance Oracle VRF is a Verifiable Random Function (VRF) solution that enables blockchain developers to generate random numbers.
• VRFs are random number generators whose outputs can be cryptographically proven as random.
• Blockchain applications need randomness for various scenarios, such as building a blockchain-based game and allocating tasks and resources.

What is Binance Oracle VRF?

Binance Oracle VRF is a Verifiable Random Function (VRF) solution that enables blockchain developers to generate random numbers with the latest standard. It is powered by Binance Cloud and can be used for an extensive selection of use cases, including GameFi projects and other blockchain products built with smart contracts.

How Does A Verifiable Random Function Work?

A series of inputs are passed into a VRF, which computes the inputs and generates pseudorandom outputs. Anyone, at any time, can cryptographically verify that the output is random by publishing all proof on-chain before applications can use the output.

Why Do Blockchains Need Random Numbers?

Randomness helps ensure fairness in blockchain applications like games or consensus mechanisms by preventing manipulation from parties involved in them. For example, it could help guarantee that no one party has control over the game’s outcome or resources allocated among users within a network.

What Are The Challenges Of Generating Randomness?

Generating good outputs requires meeting four criteria: unbiased, unpredictable, verifiable and instantly available – which many find difficult to achieve due to the deterministic nature of blockchains when generating on-chain randomness. Off-chain solutions may not provide enough predictability either.

How Can Binance Oracle VRF Help?

Binance Oracle VRF provides an effective way for developers to prove true randomness in their applications without sacrificing security or usability thanks to its cryptographic verification capabilities and ability to publish proofs on-chain quickly. This way users can trust that their games are fair and unbiased while still being able to enjoy them without worrying about manipulation from third parties.

Alchemy Pay Partners With ZD Group, Shares 4 HK Licenses, Receives Investment

15. März 2023

Alchemy Pay Partners With ZD Group

Alchemy Pay, a leading fiat-crypto payment gateway, has announced a strategic collaboration with ZD Group, the parent company of Mouette Securities. As part of the partnership, ZD Group will provide investment and share its four financial licenses authorized by Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) and Insurance Authority (IA) of Hong Kong, while Alchemy Pay will commit to providing crypto payment solutions to all businesses in ZD Group.

Investment Sponsored By ZD Group

The investment sponsored by ZD Group provides Alchemy Pay access to four Hong Kong financial licenses – Type 1, 4 and 9 granted by SFC for dealing in securities, advising on securities and asset management; and an Insurance Broker Company license from Sunbright Wealth Management as issued by the Insurance Authority of Hong Kong.

Promoting Resource Sharing & Business Ties

This collaboration aims to promote resource sharing between the two entities and foster stronger business ties. It is hoped that this partnership will help Alchemy Pay expand its user base beyond Hong Kong.

Mouette Securities Registered Institution On SFC Of Hong Kong’s Official Site

Mouette Securities has been listed as a registered institution on SFC of Hong Kong’s official site. Details of the Financial Services Licenses can be found by searching ‚Mouette Securities‘ via Name Search or ‚BLE877‘ via Central Entity Number Search; while details of the Insurance Broker Company license held by Sunbright Wealth Management can be found on the official site of the Insurance Authority of Hong Kong – Register of Licensed Insurance Intermediaries (Firm) page via license number ‚FB1829‘.

Secure & Compliant Payment Services

With these licenses shared with Alchemy Pay, it can better ensure secure, compliant and regulatory payment services for an extended group of partners. This should drive growth for Alchemy Pay in both local and global markets.

Crypto Rebound: XRP, MATIC Up on Tuesday, Following Recent Lows

8. März 2023

• XRP and MATIC were two of Tuesday’s biggest gainers, as prices moved away from a long-term support point.
• Polygon (MATIC) rose higher in the session, after bulls rejected a breakout at a key price level.
• Sentiment was largely bearish across the global crypto market, with the total market cap down 0.34% at the time of writing.

XRP and MATIC Rebound on Tuesday

XRP and MATIC both experienced notable gains in Tuesday’s trading session, as prices continued to move away from their respective long-term support points. The global crypto market sentiment was largely bearish during this time, with the total market cap down 0.34% as of writing.

XRP Bounces From Long-Term Support Point

Following a low of $0.3648 to start the week, XRP/USD rose to an intraday high of $0.3751 earlier in the day – representing a bounce from its long-term price floor at $0.3650 following a recent four-day losing streak. This movement coincided with the 14-day relative strength index (RSI) breaking out from its own ceiling at 43.00 – currently tracking at 43.97 with next visible resistance point located at 45.00 should it be hit; potentially pushing XRP above $0.3800 mark if successful..

Polygon (MATIC) Moves Away From Recent Floor

Polygon (MATIC) also experienced positive gains during this session; moving to peak of $1.17 after reaching a bottom at $1

Economist Warns of Inflation Fight & Potential Economic Collapse

1. März 2023

• Economist Peter Schiff has predicted that the U.S. Federal Reserve will ultimately throw in the towel on its inflation fight to confront „something it fears even more, which is a complete economic collapse, another financial crisis, or a sovereign debt crisis.“
• In an interview with Greg Hunter on the USAWatchdog show, Peter Schiff shared some dire warnings about where the U.S. economy is headed and the consequences of the Federal Reserve’s fight against inflation.
• He emphasized that now „we’re going to see accelerating inflation“ and advocated for higher interest rates, a contraction in consumer credit, cuts in government spending and consumers stopping spending as solutions to this problem.

Peter Schiff Warns of Potential Economic Collapse

Economist Peter Schiff has warned of a potential economic collapse due to increasing inflation and lack of effective action from the U.S. Federal Reserve in an interview with Greg Hunter on the USAWatchdog show published Saturday. He noted that data such as the personal consumption expenditures price index rising 0.6% in January was indicative of “accelerating inflation” and argued that if the Fed was serious about fighting it they would need to take further steps beyond just raising interest rates alone such as implementing lending restrictions and cutting government spending while encouraging consumers to save rather than spend money. Ultimately he believes that should these measures fail then it could lead to a complete economic collapse or financial crisis due to inadequate action by the Fed.

The Impact of Inflation on The Economy

Schiff asserts that there is no point attempting to fight inflation without also introducing other measures such as limiting consumer credit, reducing government expenditure and discouraging consumers from spending money they do not have available already saved up since all these factors contribute towards driving up prices when combined with each other – especially when people are out of work because their wages are static but prices are increasing for goods required for living day-to-day life such as food and other essential items like fuel for vehicles etc.. This situation can create further economic problems down line if left unchecked by forcing people into debt just so they can survive which creates instability within markets leading potentially severe damage being done before any real corrective actions are taken by governments or central banks like The Federal Reserve Bank (FED).

Long Term Solutions To Tackle Inflation

In order for long term solutions like higher interest rates alone not only be successful but also sustainable, further measures must be taken alongside them including restriction consumer credit availability so people cannot borrow money they may not be able pay back later down line; cutting government expenditure which contributes towards driving up prices through subsidies given out or tax breaks etc.; as well encourage saving instead of spending amongst citizens who have disposable income available – this way people can build up assets over time while staving off potential future debts which could trigger an economic downturn if left unchecked over extended periods without proper management oversight/regulation from authorities concerned e.g., FED etc..

Government Intervention & Regulation

Ultimately however governments must step in at some point either through legislative changes or regulations set forth by governing bodies like The US Federal Reserve Bank (FED) since these policies will eventually determine how much control over their own finances citizens have access too – therefore making sure enough incentives exist within society encourages saving rather than excessive consumption should also remain top priority alongside monetary policies implemented by financial institutions such as changing interest rates regularly so people can adjust accordingly when needed instead getting caught short during times extreme market volatility e.g., stock crashes etc..


Overall Peter Schiff warns us that if we do not take adequate measures soon enough then there is potential risk of a complete economic collapse occurring due to overwhelming inflationary pressures combined with ineffective action taken by central banks like The US Federal Reserve Bank (FED). Therefore we must act fast before things get worse through implementing long term solutions including higher interest rates, tougher lending standards restricting consumer credit availability while cutting government expenditure simultaneously encouraging citizens save rather than spend money available them currently disposable income sources otherwise there could catastrophic results ahead unless corrective actions taken soon enough prevent this scenario becoming reality anytime soon!

Bank of Japan to Launch Digital Yen Pilot: Testing Technical Feasibility

23. Februar 2023

• The Bank of Japan is preparing to launch a pilot test for a digital yen, its central bank digital currency (CBDC), later this year.
• The new pilot will focus on testing the technical feasibility of the currency and include private businesses in its design process.
• The Bank of Japan will establish a CBDC Forum with private entities to contribute to the project.

Bank of Japan to Launch Digital Yen CBDC Pilot

The Bank of Japan is preparing to launch a pilot test for a digital yen, its central bank digital currency (CBDC), later this year. Shinichi Uchida, executive director of the Bank of Japan, explained that the goals of this new pilot are to test the technical feasibility of the currency and to include private businesses in its design process.

Goals For The Pilot Program

The Bank of Japan is advancing in its research for the issuance of a hypothetical Japanese central bank digital currency (CBDC), the digital yen. On Feb. 17, Shinichi Uchida announced that two directions would be taken for testing: developing an integrated system with various components and involving private institutions in providing feedback and improving the design through a CBDC Forum.

Internal Pilot Execution

Uchida also outlined how tests will be carried out: incrementally by narrowing objectives first before expanding their scope; however, no transactions between retailers and consumers will take place during this period as only simulated transactions will occur. This had been previously reported by Nikkei back in November 2020 which stated that it would have an approximate duration of two years.

Are Issuance Plans Set?

In March 2020, Haruhiko Kuroda declared there were no plans for issuing a CBDC at that moment; even though they’re launching this pilot program now it doesn’t mean an official announcement is necessarily imminent either. Nevertheless, it does bring us one step closer towards understanding if a digital yen could be released or not and what kind of use cases it might have when launched into circulation.


The upcoming launch from the Bank Of Japan shows promise regarding their exploration into issuing their own central bank digital currency; however, until further information is released we won’t know exactly what kind usage scenarios these tests are aiming towards or if an official announcement can be expected soon after them completing their research & experiments successfully.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Rally Following U.S. Inflation Report

16. Februar 2023

US Inflation Report

The consumer price index rose 0.5% in January, following a gain of 0.1% the month prior. Overall, the annual rate of inflation came in at 6.4%, which, although lower than December’s sum of 6.5%, was higher than the expected 6.2%.

Bitcoin Reacts to US Inflation Report

Bitcoin (BTC) remained above $22,000 on Wednesday, with traders continuing to digest the latest inflation report in the United States. Following a low of $21,632.39 on Tuesday, BTC/USD rallied to an intraday peak of $22,293.14 earlier today. Today’s move pushes the world’s largest cryptocurrency back towards a key resistance level of $22,500.. Looking at the chart, the 14-day relative strength index (RSI) also appears to be edging closer to a ceiling of its own at 60.00 As of writing, price strength is currently at a reading of 51

Privacy Coins Modestly Gain $2B in 90 Days, Dash Leads with 38.7% Rise

9. Februar 2023

• The top privacy coins by market capitalization have seen a collective increase of $2 billion over the past 90 days.
• While top crypto assets such as bitcoin and ethereum saw gains of 30% or more in 30 days, privacy tokens like monero and zcash saw more modest increases.
• Dash (DASH) was the standout performer with an increase of 38.7%, while other notable privacy coins such as daps coin (DAPS), phore (PHR), raze network (RAZE), axe (AXE), and cloakcoin (CLOAK) also reported gains.

Privacy Coin Interest Stays Tepid

The top privacy coins by market capitalization have seen a collective increase of just over $2 billion in the last 90 days, rising from $4.65 billion on Nov. 9, 2022 to $6.69 billion today. However, while crypto assets such as bitcoin and ethereum experienced gains of 30% or more in the same period, privacy tokens like monero and zcash only saw modest increases – between 8.7% to 10.6%.

Top Privacy Coins See Slow Growth

Dash (DASH) was the standout performer among the major privacy coins, seeing an impressive growth rate of 38.7% against the greenback last month compared to monero’s 8.7% and zcash’s 10.6%. Other lesser-known tokens also recorded larger gains – for example daps coin (DAPS) increased by 884.5%, phore (PHR) rose by 110.3%, raze network (RAZE) climbed 74

Crypto OGs Recognize Taxation as a Form of Theft: The Fight for Economic Freedom

26. Januar 2023

• Taxation is often viewed as a means of raising funds for government services, but it is actually a form of theft.
• Crypto OGs recognize that taxation is an attempt to limit economic sovereignty and control the money supply.
• Joe Biden recently complained about not receiving enough taxes from struggling Americans, highlighting the need for crypto to remain free from government interference.

Taxation has long been seen as a necessary evil in order to provide governments with the funds needed to provide services to their citizens. Whether it’s for infrastructure, health care, or education, taxation is often viewed as the only viable way to raise the money necessary for these services. However, taxation is actually a form of theft, and those with an understanding of the crypto space are well aware of this fact.

Crypto OGs, those with a deep understanding of the crypto space, recognize that taxation is an attempt to limit economic sovereignty and control the money supply. By taxing citizens, governments are able to siphon off wealth from their citizens and use it to their own advantage. This is why many in the crypto community have been so vocal in their opposition to taxation, and why they have been so adamant in their belief that permissionless, peer-to-peer exchange is the only way to achieve true economic freedom.

Unfortunately, it seems that the fight against taxation has not been heard by everyone, as evidenced by recent comments from US presidential candidate Joe Biden. Speaking recently, Biden complained about not receiving enough taxes from struggling Americans, highlighting the need for crypto to remain free from government interference. Biden’s comments are a reminder of the power of taxation and the impact it can have on the economy. It is also a reminder of the importance of the crypto community continuing to push for economic sovereignty and an end to the theft of taxation.

Ultimately, taxation is theft, and the crypto community must continue to advocate for a world where economic freedom is the norm, and not the exception. By doing so, we can ensure that the ideals of Satoshi’s original vision are upheld and that crypto can remain a viable option for those seeking economic sovereignty.

Invest in Gaming Profits with Spacewalkers: Secure and Reliable!

20. Januar 2023

• Spacewalkers is an already established gaming studio founded in 2020 with a portfolio of released and upcoming games.
• Interregnum Chronicles: Signal was the first game released on the Steam platform and the team achieved this in just six months.
• The company is now offering the opportunity for anyone to invest in their projects through the use of blockchain technology.

Spacewalkers is a revolutionary gaming studio that is transforming the way investors can get involved in the profits of their projects. Founded in 2020, the Spacewalkers development team is Polish and consists of experienced professionals who have been involved in multiple projects in renowned studios such as Flying Wild Hog and Techland. The team boasts a proven track record of successful performance and delivery on their promises, which is why they have already released their first game, Interregnum Chronicles: Signal, on the Steam platform.

The title was launched in 2021, allowing investors and players to get a first-hand experience of the brand and what is to come. The game’s release was a major milestone for Spacewalkers, as it gave them a glimpse into the process of production, certification and global platform release, promotion and connecting with players. This was all achieved within just six months, further proving that Spacewalkers is a reliable and consistent studio.

Spacewalkers is now taking their projects to the next level by offering the opportunity for anyone to invest in them through the use of blockchain technology. This will enable investors to benefit from the profits of the games without having to worry about the technicalities of the process.

Investing in Spacewalkers’ projects is a great way to benefit from the profits of the gaming industry and gain exposure to a wide range of diverse projects. Not only is this a secure and reliable investment, but it also offers the potential for significant returns. With Spacewalkers’ proven track record, investors are assured of only the highest quality and most innovative games.

So, if you’re looking to invest in the gaming industry, then Spacewalkers is a great option. With their easy-to-use blockchain technology, you can get involved in the profits of their projects with the peace of mind that comes with the assurance of a reliable and established studio.

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